Retro City -- iNterNet BBS

Welcome to Retro City BBSs web page.

Retro City is an internet BBS using my own BBS software. We aim to create a community of like minded individules that are free to express themselves in semi-private enviroment. Retro City seeks to provide the look and feel of a classic BBS, not to support older software and protocols.

We also the home of my in development space trading game door style game Astral Trader. The game is a turn based , multi-player curses based application.

Retro City is not a file shareing service, we do not offer any form of file shareing here. If we do add file shareing options in the future it will be based on modern protocols such as sftp, and Bit Torrent. We will not host pirate torrents here ever.

It is my hope as this system, and my software develops it will open the door for more Internet BBSs using modern standards.

See here for how to connect.

Sysops Personal Page: rednight