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Welcome to my Amiga page!

I finally got to play with an Amiga when I borrowed an Amiga 500 over the summer of 92. It so happened that when of friends I knew from ACR Computer Solarfox had picked one up. I had Deluxe Paint, Blitz Basic, Lemmings, and a collection of Amiga Format cover disks. It was by far my favourite of the machines I had used back then. I did have a 386, paint apps, sucked hard on PCs then, and I never could get a flicker free sprite to work with Quick Basic. Deluxe Paint, is probably the best pixel painter programme in existance (still), and flicker free sprites in Blitz where easy. I did have the option of buying the machine of him, but I didn't have the money to do it.

I eventually bought an ESCOM Amiga 1200 in like 96. They are nice machines, but I didn't do nearly as much with it as I would have liked. Mostly becuase it was nearly impossible to get Amiga hardware and software in North America by then. And a stock NTSC A1200HD definately needs some upgrades, especially as I didn't get it till fairly late in their life cycle. It really wasn't until the 2000s that the machine really started to shine with Amiga stuff becomign readily availe on the internet, and European ebay. Then my 1084S died...

As most of the Amiga stuff I have is from Europe, and doesn't work with NTSC modes, I picked a PAL A1200 from AmigaKit. Combined with a IndivisionAGA I' been able to get back into Amiga. With an 060 in it's a pretty awesome little machine.

I've also taken the plunge into the NextGen Amiga with a SAM460ex. AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 is pretty nice, but still has quite a few kink to work out. Considering that Amiga OS basically sat on the back burner though ten years of license hassels, and the people owing it doing nothing with it, it's coming a long pretty well.

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